Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hot Mess

Oh.....crap...*excuse my french..hehe..

I have never had this bad of 2 weeks in my working life.... Immense Pressure......

and before this...if i had any bad stress...i wud just think of my wedding..and it will all be like okay for a minute or two...but this time...I didnt even have time for that!

I just remembered, my parents and I have tickets to go to Jakarta next month. We are not sure whether we should make a short trip to Bandung as well.. We have never been to neither places...Hence so not sure what to do nor expect.

Please share.. I know that if in Jakarta, we should go to Tanah Abang coz thats where all the nice materials.. ( looking for french lace and materials for the family and bridesmaids and usherers )....

We might also need to get more favors...

If everything is sufficient to get in Jakarta and the choices are more or less the same, then we will stick to Jakarta...if its worth going to Bandung, then we shal try go there..

But please do share your experience or info..

Back to reality...Owhhhhh I hate the fact that work can be so stressful... kadang terlalu risau tentang kerja... tp usaha untuk akhirat pun tak jaga, wrong also...

Need to become a better person. I have to have a good relationship with Allah SWT before all else and to have a good relationship with husband to be.


  1. hi =)

    if u nak cari french lace, mayestik is the place..tanah abg is cheaper but susah sikit nak cari & very limited. been there 3 times & option wise, i prefer jakarta for wedding stuffs :D

    p/s : french lace kat sana about rm200/m..if too cheap then it must be japanese/korean or other lace..happy hunting!

  2. i hear u gal.
    at times, i think i was on the verge of breaking down for not being able to properly manage my wedding details since work is taking most of my time :(

    u shud bloghop diah's blog.she has full details on her jakarta trip for her wedding preps.goodluck!

  3. omg...dah 3 kali attempt to reply this...something always makes it all go away..geram!

    Hidden wings.....thanks for the advice..

    are the french laces in mayestik...of extensive choices?? coz like in jakel and euro moda plenty to choose from..really hoping that there wud be more there...but dont want to get to hope-y..

    but i know many say its loads cheaper..

    do u know how much it might be for kain for me to do bridesmaids dresses....hoping of 4 metres time 10 ladies.. like the kain would be sort of from the songet or songketish looking kain thats popular in indonesia??

    or do u have other suggestions..

    what more can i get there for weddings/?

    wana save up enough..biar ada 2 months je till fligt out..

    and is mayestik farway from manggar dua?

    we plan to stay at ibis or novotel mggdua..

    wawa...i did skim thru diahs page....i best print it out...such a good manual guide to jakarta..

    i have put aside all plans to go to bandung..seems like we can get plenty in jakarta...should be enuff..

    keep sharing!


  4. Dear,
    To tell you the truth, their French laces not as heaven we had in EM/Jakel. And mostly yg I jumpa those one tone & the one with beading pun susah nak cari. You can refer some pics in my archive (Apr-May) Lace is cheap, but chiffon silk & satin silk about same price in KL (ke I tak pandai bargain hehe..)

    Sorry, I didn’t get which songket-ish u mean :D If you’re looking other options for your bridesmaid, 2mlace+4msatin (rm40+), chiffon biasa from as low as rm3/meter & shantung from rm5/meter.. chiffon mmg murah, but kene add cost for lining lagi hehe…

    Banyak wedding stuffs u can get there; card, favors, tailoring etc. Card is advisable after u dh confirm date, venue etc and cari those yg ada email – if not susah nk proofread hehe..Favors tak banyak pilihan, but you can go for custom made at cheap price. Jgn lupa shipping cost later ..

    Ibis hotels are mostly at strategic location & cheap too :) dulu we stay in downtown area; cheaper but not accessible to kedai makan etc..but we have supir to bring us around.

    Tanah Abang is closer to Mayestik, Pasar Tebet (card) and Gambir station to Bandung while Mangga Dua closer to airport. Both area actually tak jauh from each other…sbb jam je hehe..Mostly shops close by 5pm, so better stay area yg accessible to other attraction/shopping mall yg open time mlm…tak boring sgt nanti :D

    Have fun in Jakarta, im going tomorrow hehe!