Saturday, November 28, 2009

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I think its a wonder why I have not touched base at all regards to my wedding decorations.. Where as its very much an essential.


  • I am afraid of the price tag. Obviously decorations are so expensive and the prettier it gets, the heavier our cheque$$$ becomes..
  • Everything is too beautiful how could you ever choose... ( I mean look at my GaGaness over wedding dresses!!)
  • My house is relatively small due to mum's extensive interior....and the garden is hilly, kind of hard to fit in a canopy.
  • still afraid of the price tag...and no I am not that stingy..just cam trying to save what I can.

But HOW COULD I NOT LOVE CHIAVARI CHAIRS?????????? have been in love with them before I fell in love with Edward Cullens.....( new moon fever...i am not sure how long this will take)


and then I tumbled upon this picture....and my hearts sealed!

This is by Khareyan Events. They specialize in rental of canopies, chairs etc...I just emailed them for a quote...hope its....affordable. In that sense, where its still ideal and I don't feel guilty.

* I also admire our fellow blogger Niki. Her home akad event was very much something I had in mind.. Intimate.

now if you darlings could kindly share me other I can have a good survey on prices.. I know that serambi kaseh does this setting but I have not yet located any blogs or webs of them. NSJ events & Suri Catering say they have this do too, but still not totally sure on details. Do share what you know aite?

Love Zain


  1. hello dearest,
    i've mailed khareyan event before i engaged suri. so here ini the 2 quo:

    suri's gorgeous arabian canopy, underlay,chandelier,4tables+alas,40banquet chairs+sarung and food, hantar+pasang. = RM2k ;)

    khareyan = just cone canopy, 4tables+alas, 40chiavari chairs, basic lighting, basic fan, hantar n pasang =RM1.9k (if u want to upgrade to chandelier, misty fan, underlayer etc.... add another RM500 plus minus) so, RM2400.


    katekanlah food 15 perhead, amik for 50pax = 15 X 50= 750. so altogether + u want to add this and that approximately RM3.5k... ;)

    huhuhu if u dunt mind spending $$$ for your e0day, why not kan?

  2. sweetie...thank u for sharing that! so glad we have this to compare and share!!

    looks like suri is Suri hati lah now..

    i will email you for a few more q's k? want to know more bout catering too (suri)...want to prepare all the cost breakdown...easier to explain to mum and dad.

  3. i'll copy paste d quotation bagi u... ;) better book early. effective january 1st, dorg naik harga. new price kak zai frm suri told me...

  4. forward me the quotation....the only prob now is that we don't have exact date....!

    zain email now

  5. hey dear, if u have the budget for it, go for khareyan events..they can do anyyyyy pelamin u want..

    u know the pelamin pics that u posted, just show it...they can do it..

    i had my unrealistic wedding dream setup..showed them the pic and they were actually ok with it..but sadly, habib hates chiavary chairs because he said is small and unstable and got squeeky sound, and guests will be uncomfortable...

    but if course the main thing..i didnt have enough budget..

    if u do..then go for it..

  6. omg, this is sooo informative. im yet to be engaged, but this is so helpful especially since i will be planning from abroad. thank you dear wedding bloggers!

    legal me yours, im in love with niki's akad nikah ceremony. beautiful :)

  7. does anyone has khareyan contact details or email? how are they? recommended? i came into this blog as i was searching for chiavari chairs. really hope someone can share with me a good supplier to rent this chairs. =)

    can email me at

  8. just go search for khareyan event on google ;) they have FB and blog also.