Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shoe Me Shoot Me


I dont care...if this is making me happy everyday, then blog I will.

I want to have a balance life..therefore...if at home I want to not think of work...really! ( as if )

But...well...shoes... I remember Sab bloggin bout shoes...and I suddenly thought..umm..what shoes shall I wear??

I found some simple ideas..but they might be too simple...just want to share..

perhaps nanti boleh tempah..and save some "dough"

I know...some are Christian Louboutins......a girl can dream something fictional kan?

1 comment:

  1. Go to Syaiful Baharim. He makes the most comfortable shoes ever!

    He can make any designs and whatever design you want for less than RM1k!
    You know you'll be spending at least RM2k for a Christian Louboutins! That's too much for something you step on! hehehe...so just get them made!