Monday, November 23, 2009


Owh....I suddenly feel happy...


well, firstly coz I have more info of the bridal dress making industry in malaysia..

a dear friend introduced me her dressmaker/designer.... A Miss Newly, but she has talent..So I thought of getting my engagement dress done first..

then...cherry it on top, my friend from work introduced me to her designer..pretty famous.. and price range is in affordable but worth every penny but still not cut throat but still got a name tagged to it..

So.... umm....I have a few dressmakers/designers on my list...

which one exactly will get to do the works for my big day...we'll watch it unfold....cehh....budget project runway!!!!

when its all put together i shall post PROJECT BRIDEWAY...

Qaem is out of town... I miss him.. tadi I stopped by the Ferragamo sale...saw a few items, good bargain, but will wait for him to be back...if he likes then I will get one.. I thought...beli sikit2...lama2 nanti tak terasa sgt nak buy all at once.. * believe me its not crazy priced..thats why I stilll can afford..kesian Qaem..he saved a lot for the I know the hantarans are what makes him so excited...I dont want to disappoint him..

I bet I will blog more soon..Believe me...its the only thing thats keeping me happy lately...and dazy


  1. Hye there. can u share with me on the designer's name as well.. i tgh takde idea mane nk pg utk baju nikah nih huhuh sian i! - izzy-

  2. Izzy...thanks for the comment.

    Drop me an email at

    I will share with you what I know.

    At the same time, I have been getting some requests on designers, I will try post a new fresh list of the designers I know of and their services!

    thanks for checkin out my blog.

  3. ello..hope u can share with me too about this designer..da abis idea for engagement dress..u can email me at