Thursday, November 12, 2009

veil + jakarta wish list

Oh dear....I have missed writing or blogging for that matter...really demotivated with work right now.... sakit hati pun ada....ish... now I am slowly buliding my jakarta list...

so far a lot of darlings suggested and highly recommend to go to mayestik...for french lace...

now i wana get some material for bridesmaids...we all wana look alike..well exclude me of course..

i have also given much thought on veils.. white chiffon kurung ( still stuck on the modern kurung ) well i was wondering what to pair it with.. a net lacey veil...or chiffon veil?? wat say you sweet hearts?

i quite liked how simple but sweet Anil Lutaze looked in her chiffon kurung and chiffon veil....but i also admire those kinda elaborate but not to much lace net type of veils...

i know many bought their veils in that becoz its cheaper and they have ready made??

do wiki this...

take care love. xx

p/s teribly need to read a report..wish i could go on and on here tho...opportunity costs!


  1. i love the classic chiffon veil....just lovely...but if with tudung..sometimes chiffon veil can be rather too veil like erra faziras nikah with many beads looks very elagant as well...

  2. if ur not wearing a tudung,chiffon veil like Anil's will b sweet.if ur wearing a chiffon tudung,net veil wil stand out..i think :)
    Mayestik has a lot of laces but all kedai are pretty much the same.unlike KL..we have more choice of laces..such as beaded lace,solstiss.But plain lace is a safe bet coz its easy for ur tailor or designer to play their artworks later on

  3. u both are rock sweet!

    I enjoyed every minute of jakarta..

    sadly I did not buy anything for was for everyone else...

    InsyAllah Zain hajat nak pergi Jakarta lg.

    n Diah...ur is always nicer for tudung wearing brides!