Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I took a day off relax...and clean up the house for raya tomorrow. I am the one responsible at home now..So I have to do the right thing. Well I also booked a facial session too!

I think by now, who ever reads my blog, would realize the ever so apparent fact that I am very dress-obsessed.
In full, the most thought of aspect in my wedding has been the dresses I wear. Its not that I am your typical stereotype lass, I just was brought up by parents to always wear according to the situation and to always be confident what you wear and how you carry yourself.

So again I share you my google geology findings.

and finally, one that I like the tudung and veil style..

Since my offwhite chiffon for akad nikah is pretty fully beaded...I thought maybe I could do a simple do but have a detailed tudung and veil..

I find the mini train cute...but still considerate to the whole baju kurung concept.

Care to share me what you think??


  1. ohh no worries dear..we all want to make sure we look the best on our weddding baju is very similar to the 3rd baju the pink one..except because its a nikah my veil is very simple..hehe...fitting in 3 weeks..can't wait to see it...

  2. oh sab....ur nikah almost ready for fitting? i pray its all fabulous... I forgot dah where you're having it done..sanding and tandang i remember...

    I know...its like dress is number one on the list!

    one more thing...habibs cutting for baju melayu akad is?? is there a name for it? I am so clueless lah with baju melayu except for cekak musang..that I know..

    is habib's like a similar to his brothers cutting?

  3. i love the one in dark purple, i have it mind for reception, and want it as less as possible.. cos i want to look back in 20 years and the design still relevent..

    for nikah baju kurung moden with lil bit of train is great, the most appropriate and sopan accordingly with the akad nikah scenery.. and jubah modern cantik juga..