Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Plan


I just had to write this.. I couldn't contain it inside anymore...

For formality, Qaems family will come over towards the end of Dec to discuss with mum and dad the details of dates and plans..

Then a lil into 2010, earliest April if not May, a small engagement will be held..nothing big..its meant to be intimate...but my dress needs to make me pretty..itll be the 1st time I meet Qaems extended family..

So later on the year only...we'll be officially man and wife..InsyAllah..

I always wanted a grand akad ceremony...but now, i have to give and take..cause mum and dad want a nice reception/kenduri tooo....

Knowing my relatives..how they book everything as early as possible...( one at Felda Perdana was book 1 year and 3 months before!!) I contacted a few for quotations.. But there is one place my parents love...
Believe me if dad likes it and says it...then it has to be good.

So I emailed a week ago..and fortunately, they were coming to our office to meet other people, hence decided to meet me after....

and today...tadaaaa... I meant 2 event planners for that certain venue... they gave me a folder...and shared all they could...I understood better of their offer..and alhamdulillah..the date I want is still available...I think the price is just nice.. It appears pricey..but it comes together with other things to...decorations, dais, pillars etc..so in the end..its kinda like the same if you hold it at home..cuma you pay everything to separate people that it doesnt seem  like you are blowing it all off at once..

But however so, i won't be able to invite everyone I believe...hence if there's any extra money..perhaps I will do a low key garden party too for  those I cant invite.... ( perasan tak??)  Its not that I dont want too..but for the reception... I have to prioritize mum and dad's friends...as its really all about them..

I want them to be happy.


  1. yay..u have a timeline now...sooo happy for you...hmm i want to know where the reception venue is..hehe...so sibuk..i know kan...

  2. hehe...well sweetie its like a working progress..better then nothing and just daydreaming!

    but still trying to make way for the other wedding first...I want us to make right decisions..collectively...taknaklah masam2 muka kan??

    ok...no..u are not sibuk at all...and anyways..i think am most excited when you comment!

    but I will email you bout the venue k....

    *budget mysterious!