Thursday, November 26, 2009

Click Click Flash Flash

Have you ever watched Sex and the City the Movie? Well i just love the part where Carrie gets to try on all those lovely wedding dresses for the photoshoot...and they played Ciara's Click Click Flash Flash in the background.. I sowant to get caught in that moment..

So this entry will be about Qaem and myself's personal choices for wedding photography.. Apparently if you want the good ones you need to book them earlier to.. ( and I thought a year of planning is sufficient!)

On the bright side of it...My Uncle Teh is an avid photographer too but he's into scenery and he is in some association too.

His advice was

  • Its your wedding day, go for a photog with a name, establishment. Yes there are a lot of talent out there..But you only have one wedding. You can't re-do a wedding.Hire a pro, as they don't want to mess up their name too. It might be pricey but it would be worth it. 
  • Analyse their previous work, and look for a photog that doesn't focus on just faces, the bouquet, finger photo ( u know those hearts lah, those frames bride and groom put fingers together)..
  • Look for a photog that captures the moment with everything around to be the subject...
  • Don't go for more than RM3500 for a package. ( nikah, sanding, tandang >> post/pre wed is complimentary usually).
  • Be careful, for big names, make sure you get THAT NAME to do the clicking...not sending their juniors.
  • Discuss lighting beforehand with photog. Let them have a good idea.
  • Never sound desperate to them...make sure they know...there are plenty of other options.
  • Its ok if they don't print a lot out...coz printing on your own is cheap too.

Qaem and I's current eyes are on

But as of now Qaem is still figuring it all out. Anyways I let him be in charge of this.. He seems more well read in the art of catching moments!

Now do share what your choices...


  1. hello darl,
    syahrin aziz photos are great but if u really tgk ALL his work ade a few clients yg dia edit terlalu sharp.
    nurul and suhaimi photos are naturally great the shots and color sgt cantik but not their photo album, dorg ade sent me sample of photo album tapi to me erk.. kurang sket.
    for e-day i chose ted. for wedding day, i would suggest you to tgk kidchan's artwork or grant corban's their price start at 2.5k per event tapi mmg superb sgt. try also patrick, dia punye charge rm1 to 1.5k per session ;) patrick stkt ni to me the best in capturing d moment... beautiful... ... tell me wut do u think... dia buat weddings and portraiture---

    i personally love this album he ambik gambar this boy, MAEL... the photo sgt detail (look at the 8th photo, budak tu punye upper lips hair and milk oso can see), the colour..urgh! superb!

  2. oritey..will check em out...

    my uncle also LOVES LOUIS PANG...he prefers me to
    hire LP...but haven't told Qaem.

    And you are sooo right...uncle said the same Syahrin Aziz is good at editing and adding those digital depends on one's flavor..

    oh thanks for the tip on NrLShm... the end of the day it all goes back to the costs....I dont want to burden Qaem..We both feel thats whats most important is to save up and think of the marriage necessities... mesin basuh...peti ais...dapur...etc..

    Allah syg umat dia wasatiah.. I need to try! tp tang baju mesti! ( but u n I have a plan kan??) hehehe


  3. Photographers to me was very pening to decide...i did a whole load of goes

    nurulsuhaimi they are the nicest couple....but sadly my bro got married in july till now still havnt gotten the pics yet..but i can say they are the nicest poeple..and they like update my brother from time to time..from the pics sikit2 yg looks really nice

    syahrin aziz, takes amazing photos..but sometimes the photoshop pics looks rather fake...itu je my prob..but i actually was considering him....but i like natural pictures more for nikah maybe reception??

    my sis took ikram..their wedding album turned out amazing...and video by manggis made me cry..ahaha..and its not even my own wedding imagine that..but it comes with a price though..and they were rather invasive at my sisters was very hard for the rest of the family to take pictures..

    my brother also took msquare...for the price he paid RM1k i think it was very much worth it..if u have a smaller budget...seriously take them..dahlah its a group of 2 guuys...yes...u get 2 photoG and the best part, they finished the album within a month..

    my 2nd sis took fairuz ismail...i like his style..very sister memang requested more candid than posed pictures..and he gave that...his photoalbum i'm not so sure coz my sis took a package without it..(yes me and my sis sama, we are very not sentimental, thats why i think i'm not taking video for my wed, many thinks its not a good idea..but we dont have budget for it...)

    as for me, after a long hard survey (also u can see my family dont repeat photoG, coz we want to try everyone out there)i decided on Daniel Zain...Its within my budget, and me and habib clicked with him well..and i love his his pics are very natural..i like that style..and the part that made me choose him..ada 1 album my best friends wedding..when i saw the pics, i wanted to cry.and that made me choose him...i was so touched by the pictures and the moments he captured..

    I once saw peveyhack...oh his photoshop editing is amazing..check out the website and see it to believe..i think now he works with fairuz ismail

    having said that, we are still considering syahrin aziz and msquare for our other 2 it covers all aspect...

  4. probably you can decide on photog like how we're going to decide on our baju(s) hahahha. dear, opt for one famous photog yg a bit pricey but u confirm his work superb and also hire another amateur... ;) whateva it is, photographer for nikah to me sgt important. of all the merisik, engagement, reception... i forever love nikah smue cry and laughter ade waktu solemnization. how suci the bride and groom during nikah..~ after all, nikah is the event yg dituntut islam kan? huhuhu nikah will b the greatest kenangan til death do us part... ececececeh! ;p

  5. The 4 names u mentioned above could cost u more than 3.5k if the budget is for all the 3events.but i dunno abt shutterspeak.If i could do it again,i'll go for chinese photog.a lot of ppl told me chinese buat keje very detail,tak makan pun xper and they deliver their album on time n as per agreement.Kidchan is a legend but prolly too expensive...check out the names Miss X mentioned ealier.Goodluck sweetie!~

  6. owh diah...

    i had a feeling 3500 wasnt enough...pandai2 je uncle ni....would a 4000 budget be more realistic?

    well true uncle did say go for chinese photogs...they hav a different touch...but I am afraid they might be a lil on the expensive side...or are they still affordable?

  7. Photography is not cheap! I paid almost RM10k for nikah and reception. Cant really remmeber the exact amount but roughly cam tu la.

    My photographer was Qippy.If I'm not mistaken, per event was about RM3200 but because we wanted a large album n a special type of album, we paid an additional RM1k on top of that RM3200. Plus it was additional RM800 for extra photographer.Quite pricey la now we think about it.

    Overall, I was happy with Qippy because him and his wife is so damn nice and sweet. But my hubby and I ni bukannya pandai pose and we need directions from the photographers all the time to tell us what to do and I felt that Qippy lacks that.

    Manggis was our videographer and manggis I felt was more experienced in telling us what to do. They do photography as well. I know Manggis charges RM2500 per event.

    Good luck!!