Friday, December 18, 2009

Awal Muharram, New Year, Starts with Happiness > ALHAMDULILLAH


I hope everyone has had a good start to this year.

I am so happy as mine did.

MashaAllah....I am so blessed by Allah SWT...

Midday today my parents and I went to the place for my wedding reception...Alhamdulillah, it was all good. Only now, Qaem's side is requesting for change of dates..earlier..and hence no more available parents and I are hoping for a silver lining.. Tetapi deep heart says its okay if we need to postpone it later just so we could have the reception there..coz I know my parents are so happy to have it there..any other place is not really an option.. I think I have grown more mature..I want to be a mature bride with the right thinking...not just forcing it all to have it my way.

and parents just need to give me the cherry on top of the cake..

later on we were at the jewelers to fixate Qaem's ring and butang baju melayu..

but then later we stopped by to go get dad's baju melayu..and best of all, we went on to my rated UpScale designer's boutique, and had some sketches done and we are set to get the fabrics and materials soon.

Ya Allah, thank you so much, I can never be grateful enough..

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