Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanah Abang & Mayestik Jakarta


A lil more of Jakarta.

Before I say more, I want to share that, if I were to do it all again, I would do it the same, go to Tanah Abang as early as 7.30 ( you cant imagine the traffic jam ), and stay there till noon-ish, then move on to Mayestik. Why?

Well mainly its because there is SO MANY people at Tanah Abang even though its 10 stories tall and super crazy big, its just too much, so start early when there arent a lotta people.

And my favorite reason is, coz I can jamak Zuhur and Asar at Mayestik, at Mumbay tekstil ( the one thats 3 stories high ) they have a small place to solat with tempat ambil wudhu and its clean enough for me, in those circumstances...rasa tenang, nak menghadap Allah SWT. Coz I did not feel the rush.

Ok now in terms of fabric.


  • Lace, my mum bought a lot at Mumbay Tekstil Besar ( 3 tingkat ) the more you buy the better discount.
  • All in all, the shantung at Mumbay Besar had the most range of colors and as cheap as 14,000 rupiah per meter and it has better quality. My dad commented this.
  • Ok now for polos the best for my mum and I was in Mumbay Tekstil Kecil ( this one was on the other side and its just 1 floor). as chiffon polos we could get for 9,000 rupiah...thats really really cheap..and tis good enough for lining..my mum is really fussy so this was good enough for her.Note : Polos is material for lining.
  • Silk Route (Diahs favorite) is closer to Tokyo Tekstil is situated to on the way for all cars exit gate. This store has a lot more fancier designs..But its limited in choices compared to Mumbay Besar. Cuma plus point this store has more fancier choices.
  • There is this store across Silk Route, that doesnt really have a name as much as I can recall. Well they sell a lot of loose pieces of french lace, so they say, its nice though..and had lovely designs... my mum bought normal lace ( dual colors ) that I chose at first but later she bought for her and my sis to wear during my nikah..free2 my nikah now has a baby blue and lilac theme! lol Best part was, the lace was only 150.000 per meter...It was nice needless of how crazy low the price was. So its a safe bet to try and go into those small little stores without names, coz they sell certain stuff cheaper.
  • Ok back to polos again if you want to buy good not so keras satin for lining, don't go to Mumbay Kecil, get it at Mumbay Besar or those small shops with no names. Coz they sell at 15,000 per meter where as at Mumbay Kecil and Silk Route sells same quality but at 20,000 per meter. I know its hard to buy lace at one place and lining at the other, but if you are gonna buy a lot, those 5k rupiah per meter makes a difference!
  • We bought lace for all my aunts at Mumbay Besar. Half of the satin lining we bought at here too, but there was not enough of the same pink peachy color, so my mum got the rest of the lining at Mumbay Kecil but its not satin its the chiffon time, coz she says the material is more cooling. ( cheaper too )
  • All the materials for all my uncles baju melayu was bought at Mumbay Kecil, but its not chiffon obviously, but due to the need of pink peach color, we bought them all here. Remember the width are mostly in 60" so its larger then the usual. 
  • My mum and sis lace and lining for my sanding were all bought at Silk Route.

  • Ok way before I left, the girls and I decided that we want to do it just like Niki did hers, chiffon top and songket for the sarung.We thought lace would be to glamorous to wear again on other occasions except dinner weddings.
  • But its not that easy to get the precise color. And I was frustrated coz I was hoping to get it in Mayestik. But all the indian lace were of garang color and they were 50k for a sarung and selendang. I only wanted the sarung.
  • But we went to Silk Route and they had some Indian Songket of a similar color. And were nice enough to want to sell it to me for 10,800 per meter. So we just took it...but only got 6 meters! But then dad's colleague said its ok, I think we could get some in Tanah Abang. So we just got the sarung not top yet. 
  • The 2nd day we went to Tanah Abang... after a lot of searching we found this store at the very end belakang2 most bottom floor in Tanah Abang, called RANI TEX, the aunty was Indian and her name is Anmol. They had all sorts of colors of songket...I fell in love. They had peach colored songket and when asked how much they could give me for a meter, she said 15k, and I was like...but I need 20 meters...and mum was pushy bunga2 too, wanting a fair discount, she said ok, 12k per meter...terus i said  bisa potong NOW! 
  • Next the top. I wanted a simple chiffon top, but mum said, it seems hard to get the exact color we want, could we just go for satin for last resort.. I was ok, I don't want to make it hard on my parents and all the other people with us. But at Rani Tex mum found this nice lace, with colorful small flowers around it and they had them in so many types of colors. But it was pricey...Mum pushed and beg and all that, and lastly Aunty Anmol cut of like 30k of the price since we were taking so much.  
  • Then we went to the Busana muslim floor 8, and got all those kain telekung or Mukana they call it and some other stuff as souveneirs. After Tanah Abang at 12.30 we went to eat Nasi Padang at Garuda then off to Pasar Ular, parents had some stuff to buy.
  • 4pm back at Mayestik for the 2nd time to finish off what we still did not buy. Mayestik closes at 6.30.
  • The next time I go, I will head to Rani Tex again and Mayestik of course.
note, its always a safe bet to try and hunt at tanah abang too...even though they say mayestik has the fanciest...Tanah abang sell some similar stuff, but at a cheaper price then mayestik.. but not all. hence always look around first....have a good feel of the choices and the range of prices..dont pull a "mum" and bought a lot at the first store she went too!

Rani Tex - Block A, Lantai basement 2, Los D, No. 5, No. 1 Pasar Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat. 
Aunty Anmol - 08161981767 
Rani Tex - (021) 23571978


  1. hie babe, i link u kt blog i k.. nanti i nk tanyer banyak ques psl jakarta sbb i will go there next awal bln february to soping my wedding stuff.. tenkius.. heppy new year to u! ;p

  2. syaz...

    of course....its my pleasure for you to link me..

    I will keep blogging more on my jakarta trip..

    u could drop me an email too if u want..


    ooh...i wish i could go with u...i want to go again badly! menyesal banyak i did not buy

  3. hi there, nice blog. glad i found you, since i'm going to jakarta this 12jan. the prob is i have no idea what i'm going to buy pun, totally lost. time pun mcm constraint je .. 12hb smpai pkul 4pm,14hb balik dh 3pm. stay near tu tanah abg. bleh bg suggestion? =) tot of going mayestik, tnh abg n mangga 2. tp mcm xsmpat je .. kedai tutup awal plak like u said. sigh..ni tak pegi lg dh stress :P

  4. Suerin..

    I will try help as much as I can.

    umm... why not list down what you want to buy first.

    then its easier for me to share advice.

    we need to take into account, that the traffic jam in jakarta is super bad.

    1) ur wedding dress materials?
    2) pengapit materials?
    3) family member materials?
    4) invitation cards?
    5) kain telekung?
    6) .....etc...

    just share and we can try to think up of some ideas...to work with time constraints

  5. sue...hotel wise,nearest to Tanah Abang is Millenium Sireh

    (contry code)+ 2303636 (tel)

    many bloggers advise this too for those who want to stay closer to Tanah Abang..

  6. owh...ibis arcadia pun a good choice to stay near tanah abang..

  7. babe, you such a sweatie laa .. u don't even know me .. seriously i'm quite clueless with wedding thingy, i'm a person who just wear tshirt n jean and hate pink so much suddenly i'm getting married. and shatung? i need to browse encik google baru i know. i will think hard tonite and i will email you ok, btw if you wanna pesan small2 item i can get it for you.

  8. owh...sue...its nothing really...compared to how much i bother the other blogging brides!

    they never fail to help me...so I want to help others in return..

    ok...shantung is actually shantung silk...its almost similar to raw silk/ thai silk, tp lagi halus and cooling..and kain dia macam tegap, its nice to make baju melayu for guys..terletak.tapi becoz its silk shantung, I bought the shantung look alike in mayestik, sbb taknak Qaem tambah dosa on our wedding day pakai silk just coz its makes the bj melayu nice..

    hence I bought Qaem white shantung for our sanding nanti.


    check out that pic if you can..the groom is wearing shantung baju melayu.

  9. have you tried to Fancy ? near to Mumbay i think...
    silk is my favorite...harga langganan :) cepaer than others

  10. Salam dear..

    I nak tanya where actually MAYESTIK tu ?

    1. Just say pasar mayestik..it's in jakarta selatan...

  11. Jl. Tebah III Los AKS Gunung Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta

  12. Have you been to De'Majestic ? their designs for laces and cotton prints are to die for.. its in Jln Tebah II no 3A