Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ada apa dengan Jakarta?


Oh my....i surely have not blogged in a long time.

Alhamdulillah, we made it safe back to Malaysia from Jakarta. And Mashallah, it was the best.

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing great.

Secondly, I want and need and must go back to Jakarta. It wasnt until I got back to the hotel that I started wishing I had bought more of this and that.

I would assume, you all thought I would have bought myself a lot of stuff..

Apparently, I did not.

What I managed to get were

  • Kain for the bridesmaids
  • Kain for all aunts
  • Kain for all uncles
  • Kain for curtains
  • Kain for the scallop for stairs or whatever you call it
  • Kain for mama to wear at my nikah and sanding
  • Kain for my sister to wear at my nikah and sanding

Well it wouldnt be complete with a spa treatment right?

Yes I tried it, again Mashallah, it was all so cheap.Imagine, mandi lulur, steambath, creambath, facial and hair treatment was all equivalent to RM65!

Food wise, it was good, I tried nasi Padang, nasi lauk Tebet, makanan Sunda and of course A Fung Baso!!

Oh, to top it off, Es Teler...its a hit with mum and I.

We stayed at Aston Rasuna. and I recommend it, because, we sort of are (Alhamdulillah), foreign enclave and their ( my parents ) colleagues at the Malaysian Embassy arranged for us to stay there, as its closest to the Malaysian Embassy in case of anything you can walk. Rates for a 2 room apartment is RM240. Very reasonable. It has a mini market and guardian downstairs, complimentary breakfast and tight security. Blue Bird taxis are always in line for guests.The good thing also is that the spa Swarga Spa, is in house and when we came back after 7ish, (thats when Tanah Abang and Mayestik and all the other pasars are closed), I straight booked a spa session, hence I did not have to schedule time during the day, as this spa closes at 10pm, meaning save day time for shopping.

will update this soon*


  1. hey girl!~
    am planning to go to jakarta also..tapi lambat lagi la..mid of apr '10..mind share tips&etc jkt trip wif me dear?hehe..i almost nak terbook ibis manggadua hotel..tetiba tnampak u recommendd aston..cam lg best je..murah plak tuh..kan? :)

    annescapade@gmail.com or lemme know ur mail add k. :)

  2. Ann...how r u darling?

    Believe me, I am looking for tickets too... :)

    I want to blog more..will do so soon...just got back..still recharging my body!

    umm... to be honest with you, I wouldnt want to stay close to Mangga Dua per se as there isn't much brides would want to buy. All in all, the only place I went back to is Mayestik. Aston Rasuna is closer Jakarta Selatan, but is also close to Jakarta Pusat, so if you want to go hang out at Plaza Indonesia, its not that far. Aston is pretty reasonable too price wise..coz its like the same price for a room at Ibis. email me at zain.anna@gmail.com and we could go into more details.