Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Dress Designers


I am so sorry that I delayed this post. Zain hutang this post to some bloggers and readers.

Believe me, its only because I have worked 7 days straight this week. I miss sharing my thoughts on this.




  • Radzuan Radziwill 
  • Rizalman
  • Jovian Mandagie
  • Syaiful Baharim 
  • Bernard Chandran
  • Butik Citra
Ok this is just to name a few. But to cut it short.They are all awesome and will make you feel like ur a million dollars. Hence, rm5k is cheap to them. Thats the budget. the very least.

The Upscale Designers

  • Putra Cosry
  • Amin Jauhary
  • Sharifah Kirana
  • Salikhin Sidek
  • Gezal Mihat
  • Calvin Thoo
  • Bill Keith
  • Jedan
  • Man Kajang
  • Ismail Hassan
  • Kapas Couture
The Upscalers, to me are people who have been in the industry for a fair amount of years, that they are good, deliver professionally, have their own boutiques and are priced not over the top like the Vera Wangs, but give allocation for the normal bride who do not really want an off the rack dress yet do not want to bazir. I am thankful that these group of designers can reason price.

The Contemporaries
  • Jeffriey Ibrahim
  • Syomir Izwa
  • Rizman Ruzaini
  • Hatta Dolmat
  • Zery Zamry
  • Arma (Wedding Couture)
  • Lynda Rahim
  • Nik Irwan Rosli
  • Albert Yap
Basically, their prices range from RM800 and grows from there.. I mean for more established designers they would be RM2k. But for our newer contemporary designers, their prices are slightly less. Remember some of these prices are inlcusive of tudung, veil and shoes..Apart  from Albert Yap and Lynda Rahim, the rest of the designers prefer house calls, as they work from their studios/homes.

The Highstreet Designers

  • Dzull Classique ( Full chiffon, starts from RM150 onwards )
  • Kimie Kajang   ( Full chiffon starts at RM200 onwards )
  • Unaisah Azlan   ( Full chiffon starts at RM 270 onwards )
  • Fidz Collection ( Shah Alam, starts at RM300 ++)
  • Puteris in-house designer ( Starts at RM600 but well experienced )
  • Dina's Collection ( Starts from RM700)
  • Stitch ( Taman Melawati, strarts at RM120 for plain chiffon, has in house beautiful beads stitcher, however due to the price, a lot of demand, so kindly go 5 months prior your event, good fitting )
  • Eila Busana Cinta ( Pertama Complex, price described as affordable with good workmanship )

Well the reason I call them high-street is because, they have high quality, but everyone can afford them, as in, the budget is far very affordable and you get back every single cent you pay. Hence why my engagement dress is gonna be by UNAISAH AZLAN! 

Ok...This entry will be continued soon.


  1. entry yang sangat membantu.. thanks dear.. :-)

  2. hye..may I know where's Unaisah's boutique located at? browsed thru her blog..her baju kahwin memang sangat cantik :)

  3. Zain, thanks for the email darl...u dah jumpa unaisah?

  4. zain: wink back at u! ;p
    unaisah works from her family bugnalow in seksyen11 shah alam. i dah jumpe dia, baik sgt orangnya. she even has her own working space in her house ;) waktu pegi ade 2 hasil wedding baju. cantik! i hantar 2kain to test fitting dia camane. if it fits well, i'll proceed with my engagement dress then... ;)

  5. hehe...

    wink wink..

    ct..i am glad to help as much or lil as i can..

    I will be seeing Unaisah next week, InsyaAllah.

    She has her own studio fix in her house..cant wait to go see it.

    everyone pray our dresses all go great with her touch..

    btw> I will be off to Dzul Classique too, to have a normal kurung made for another occasion..will snap some photos if I can..and of Kimie Kajang too since its across each other..

  6. can not affort all dat vera wang look a, i juz amik dat pic n hunt 4 da street designer..(cite sal my e-day outfit sungguh mbakar seb bek the result ok..bole la)...cek my coretan e-day kalo u nak tau..hehehe

  7. errr..i ada buat my wedding dress with nik erwan rosli.seriously, i dun think that he should be label that hight.
    i amek dia sebab ada baca blog kak diah "", tp lepas buat baju ngan dia.rasa agak menyesal.
    baju dia siap kan lambat sgt. dah hantar kain awal2 dah.penat kena push dia tuk siapkan baju.1 week b4 wedding baju x siap pun lag!. one day before nikah baru dpt baju. itupun still besar. cam x di alter pun gamak nyer.terpaksa pakai lah jugak..nak buat camner kan.
    tp serius..itu lah skali jer hantar.. u ada dgr ada sesape lagi x agak nye ada experience yg sama ngan nik irwan i jer yg nasib x baik kena camtu?


  8. oh please do reveiew on unaisah..saw her work..some of her baju is cantik..but hopefully she will siap everything ontime..

    dina: so sorry to hear your luck with nik friend buat with him nanti i tanya her experience with next week..

  9. hi, im the silent reader :) maybe you want to check out butik Busana Cinta in pertama complex, the designer is Kak Eilla.She is super lovely and very nice.I did my baju sanding kt situ and even the 1st fitting was perfect :) her price is very reasonable too.her phone no is 03-26977552.

  10. Dina...

    to be honest, yes I have heard not just a few..but lately a lot...of not so nice/great reviews bout Nik Irwan Rosli...he has the talent...but the time ethics been the issue.. I will adjust accordingly

  11. Hunny

    thanks for sharing...nanti Zain add kan on the list..

    sab.... i will review as soon as i see excited!

    haz will check out that entry!

    happy new year everyone..sama2 kita doakan sentiasa murah rezeki dah sihat tubuh badan...sekalian umat..amin

  12. Hunny...thank you for sharing..does kak eila do beadings too? Like add on embellishments? drop me an email at I wana ask a few more q's...

  13. hello..
    thank u for all the info very helpful ;)
    im staying in ampang very near tmn melawati but i never heard of Stitch. may i know where it is exactly?

  14. wawa thanks for droppin by..

    umm..stitch is on the same lane with you know those shop lots, yg tiba2 ada balai polis...near to bazar ramadhan dulu...yeah its at the very to dobby... I will dig in to look for the number...coz what I know, the mum is the seamstress, her daughter does the embellishments and all that..

    drop me an email if you want to ask more

  15. zain,

    thank u so much.
    i think i can manage to find it.
    will go n have a look at the shop :)

  16. Hi there,

    I think this post is great! And will be even better if the comments are kept current so that the brides-to-be will know which designer offers a consistent service. Once again, kudos to the list.

  17. love this entry! thanks sangat2!!! sangat!!!!

  18. love to read ur blog...very helpful..
    so, camne hasil ur dress wif unaisah??
    igt nak try wif her..

  19. Anyone care to share their experience with Gezal Mihat? I might go fr him coz mom likes his work

  20. baru read ur post..i try contact unaisah several times..tapi tak dapat..huhu..sedeyhnyer

  21. dina, you tempah dengan Nik erwan???? seriously sehari sebelum nikah baru dapat? I pun facing the same problem... dan ini sungguh mencemaskan... takde siapa2 boleh consult dia ke?

  22. Jedan is very disappointed. Not recommended. Unable to commit to timeline, not sticking to budget given.

  23. Nik erwan is a big NO people...dont take the risk!