Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mangga Dua Jakarta

They say, you haven't been to Jakarta if you don't go to Mangga Dua.

So due to so many stuff and places my parents needed to go, on our way to the airport, we had to decide, either Pasar Tebet or Mangga Dua. Dad and I wanted to go to Pasar Tebet, coz we knew time was too short to pusing2 in Mangga Dua, so whats the whole point buat sakit hati je. We voted Pasar Tebet.

In the end we went to Mangga Dua. Why? Coz mama said so.hahaha

So I took out my Diah Manual of wedding shopping in Jakarta, and said I wanted to go to Kikie's shop.

One prob, we didn't know which mangga dua it was in. There is at least 3 huge mangga dua malls...they have names like Mangga Dua ITC...Mangga Dua ATM..something of that sort...So we were in the older mangga dua.. MashAllah...ramai sgt orang..really ramai..

So stuff brides can buy here

  • accessories like for your hair, and tiaras and for your flower girls..cantik2 and murah lah... i saw this really nice big brooch that you can pin to your tudung, like most brides have done, around 95k rupiah..
  • really nice big colorful brooches
  • flower girl dresses
  • ribbons
  • manik and all those stuff for beadings

Sadly enough we only stayed here for 20mins...Dad got dizzy coz people were like squished against each other, we could barely look at stuff.

Nanti I ask Diah the exact mall Kiki is in...Coz I really wanted to go to this shop! 

InsyAllah lain kali, I get to go.

Unless you have the whole day to spend and roam mangga dua, yes its a safe bet, but if you are strict with time, head to MD, be assertive and be sure of what you want to buy. Then you can save time.

My two cents of advice, nak kasi dua ringgit nye, was not there long enough. Btw, sini kawasan jam teruk sbb everyone is here.


  1. beb, i think i wanna go to mangga dua .. will update you nanti ..

  2. alrighty sue..its nice, pergi pagi2 kot..tak ramai sgt..zain smpai sini dah 2pm lebih...penuh manusia! tp accessories cantik2 and murah..