Sunday, December 6, 2009

The deal

I have  had a pretty rough week..its been tough....when you are tested with so many matters at one time..and your heart breaks a little.

All in all... I suddenly feel like it doesnt matter anymore....what type of wedding I long as I get to be with Qaem...the way Allah wants...the way Rasulullah would be proud of...

its just that.. I keep thinking of the days to come after the wedding...its life together...

so I will leave it to mum and dad to decide..them giving me a wedding is more then enough to ask for... I have to remember the orphans out there...who don't have parents to provide the way anyone would want..

we must does not take millions to make people smile at your just needs your smile, and they shall do so in return..

but i still have one bad habit...I STILL WANT THE PERFECT DRESS....ish....why can't i wasatiah on this...shame on me...

but...I too have been in contact with Unaisah Azlan....hoping to get my engagement dress done with her..

My engagement won't be'll be as simple as simple could be..

no pelamin...just a bed spread on the bed...and hopefully Qaem's mum will come in sarung cincin..and then we eat..InsyaAllah..and it will be closest family members only.... very small...its just to tanda...

we still don't have a date on the engagement...but hopefully ample enough time for me to lose em weight!!

Their family will be coming over soon to discuss basically the engagement next year is merely a mean to fulfill adat. But still I dont want to runaway from a day where i have every right reason to dress up kan??

on yesterday....on Qaem's mum's request...he brought me over to one of the nice jewelry stores ( apparently both out mums go to the same place for special occasions) and he asked me to show a couple of rings that I liked...I like one in particular...but it will be up to him and his mum...They went today to decide..

In normal circumstances...I would keep reminding him that I really like one in particular...but lately..Allah has taught me to be more appreciative of doesn't really matter anymore.. as long as Qaem is happy..and its very ikhlas...anything he choses will be more then I could hope for.

We also popped into Pavi...just to check out the sale...saw some items...hantaran worthy.. and affordable. Will wait a lil buy...dengan izin Allah..

But what I do know..I want to copy Sab.. I want to give out chocolate dates during my nikah....( i hope you dont mind!!)

umm...I think all the mixed feelings inside of me has made me at lost of words..even on my unusual..

but don't worry...


Love Z



  1. we had choc dates during tunang too! but for hantaran hee ;)

  2. of course you can do it like that as well..its not my style pun ..its the style of our prophet Rasulullah we all indeed must follow it...

  3. btw dear, you saying to appreciate that at least alhamdulillah we have parents to help us out, is really a good reminder for me..i should bersyukur kan..and stop complainiing...ohh thanks so much..

  4. bj yg dlm pic tu ke yg?..apa yg x kene nye?..pic sparuh tu, nampak cantek jer?..btw, i pon ada problem dgn baju tunang hr last2 ok..ermm..segala keluh kesah ada kat my blog jgk..apa2 pun,its gud kalo u nak fight girl!!..till the end...
    (pesanan dr dressobssed)..chau!!

  5. sab...u always remind me of the its such a blessing we have each other and the others to keep reminding us both to be grounded..Alhamdulillah..

    Hazharun..owh..kain tu belum siap lg...just gantung je..sneak peak...hehe...

    hidden wings....i hope the choc dates will be a hit for me too!