Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress Bertandang

I know I still need to finish up the post prior to this.. Will do so this weekend..hoping with all integrity that my boss wont make us go to work..cukuplah last weekend in both days.


I am off to Jakarta next week,InsyaAllah.

and I am still wondering of materials to buy for the tandang.. I know its Qaems side...but I am the one wearing it...so I want to have a say in it.*tamakkah??


I want to share the design that I have been wanting for this dress..

well obviously I will need to make it a lil more Muslimah...but its the lace....and the mermaid cutting...i just love it so much...

But is appropriate? Does it go with a Malay wedding?

I plan to make it more towards a creamish color.. make it look really old school glam with pearls...

this kind of color and lace

mind you, its sexy! hehe its just the color i want to point out..

and then theres this dress too...another mermaid cut

yes, I admit I am a sore loser to white/creamish lace....and yes...if I wore something like this...I would feel like a princess..

so go on now...tell me....what you think?

Coz I want to make sure I get the proper materials when in Jakarta.

ps, sorry, sorry that I always talk about dresses!


  1. ello dear...sgt susah cr bj meleret2 cam2 kat k.tganu..kalo ade pon, lace dia x lebat...
    i xkira!..nak wat jgk meleret g2 4 btandang jugak..sbb reseption n nikah dah ade bj...

  2. oh darling...I know wat u mean...I want it too...

    but I dont know if my Qaem and family will buy this look!

    so hows it preparing in KT? all good?

  3. i love all of them..btw the lace colour is very elagant..i cant help much know, coz my knowledge with material is zero..

    i tell you if were allowed to show aurat, I would so do the 3rd dress..so cantik..

  4. Well, like i told you today, you can still use the first design but change the neck design to..something like cekak musang, but using cheong sam buttons starting from slightly above the abdoment area... or, just do a "U' shape neckline...since u'r gonna wear tudung kan...so it covers up the decolate area..But, if u do the cekak musang thingy or something yg tutup sampai leher, you can wear the tudung in many styles! Can even ikat the tudung to resemble a bun in your hair! Looks very modern..I've seen a baju done by Radzwan Radzwill like the first design, but he put like the cheong sam buttons from the neck till the waist level, and there is a split in the centre, from below the waist line till bawah...so looks a bit like jubah design. You can try and look for "udaimatunnur" boutique. They have modern muslimah bridal gowns! I saw her design in mags. Try check it out!