Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress 1

Yes...I am sorry.. My dressobsessed phase continues..

If you refer to my post titled The Deal, you will catch a snippet of my engagement dress materials. I will now call this dress, Dress 1, as its the first dress of the series of dress I am fantasizing about.

Today I was lucky to be in contact with the dressmaker designer that will do my Dress 1. Told her all I heigh, my weight, my bustline and my flat behind too! She will sketch and InsyAllah before Xmas I will meet up with her to go into details. Super excited! Alhamdulillah, this much is true and well.

Well I finally just had the guts to share to her about Dress 2. Dress 2 is a surprise, as I sort of designed it myself, muse me of the runway!

I shared with her the sketch...and was so worried it might be to weird for her considering she is a certified designer.. But she was excited and still figuring out certain part of the dress at the same time. I told her I had no clue the exact materials to buy and need her consultation on that for me to get the materials in jakarta..

I think she is as excited as I am now.Alhamdulillah...

Can't wait to coffee coffee with her.

I am so tired of work..and sleepy..but honestly..blogging here makes me somewhat overjoyed...and I am over the moon when people drop comments too. Thank you so much.Syukran.

I am also pleased with those that have shared with me their perceptions towards AlQuran as hantaran. I thank you again.

Nanti Zain akan email, a more comprehensive post on the designers and dressmakers in Kuala Lumpur and with close proximity.


minus the feathers this would be hot

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