Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Up by Tina Z

I just wanted to share about one Make Up artist that is quite popular among my working community. She is slowly building up her name.. and she is trained by none other then Saidatulnisa and Liza.... yeah the 2 famous make up artists now..

She just did a close friends make up for nikah and sanding..

Check out her work at Tina Z

Her prices are very reasonable, she starts from RM400 (Wedding) for hair and make up, but if you take her for like 2 sessions ( nikah + sanding ), then you could negotiate for a fair discount..Her prices are different according to the events..

She is extremely nice and beautiful too.

She is also very punctual. I remember last weekend she had a nikah session to do, the nikah was at 9am...But she was at the brides house way before 7. She has good work ethics. I am not just like promoting here..I just hear good reviews from around work. So perhaps any brides or if u just need some professional touch up for engagements/ dinner, could give this a try.

Tina uses a mixture of MAC, Kryolan and yes, Dermacos...that special foundation, that lasts like forever...really long lasting full coverage...just like Saidatulnisa uses... InsyaAllah one day, Tina will master the skill and be just as good as her gurus..

Contact Tina Z at 019-2202111

you could also just email me at and I will forward her your details..I see her a work.


  1. ohh thanks for sharing babes...

  2. btw your friend to is so pretty mashaAllah..i thought it was vanida imran...

  3. u save my day..just called k.liza date dah ade org lain booked earlier..maybe i can try this...saidatulnisa wayy too expensive for me.. :)

  4. err...mane nak dpt contact number die~ :D

  5. hai, can u email me contact number tina z?

  6. Hi Fara and "Anonymous" hehe.. I hope you liked my site. You can contact me at 019-2202111. If you can't get me, just text me. I'll call you back. Cheers!

  7. friend is well known for being so angelic looking...she is so pretty!

    I hope everyone will enjoy the experience Tina Z will create..InsyAllah.

    I have posted up her number...

    Good luck!

    Fara and Uyaa>> cant wait to see your pics on Tina Z page later...

  8. Hye dear! Thanks for ur info... going to meet up with Tina Z this coming Sunday Insya Allah.