Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Al-Quran As Hantaran

Dearest Readers,

I really need you to share your info.

I always heard 50% of people say its not advisable to give Al-Quran as a hantaran. And the other 50% say its a good thing to give as hantaran...

I specifically asked Qaem to give me a beautiful kain sembahyang/telekung as my nikah hantaran. I want to keep it forever and insyAllah, solat diterima and Qaem pun dpt pahala sikit2.. I sort of wish I could get an Al-Quran too. Its not nice to have all hantarans to be mainly bout duniawi...We have to show respect for the afterlife..Need to balance everything...Most of all start my new life with Qaem with the right steps...

I remember one of my aunty being so persistent not letting our family members exchange Quran as hantaran..but I never really heard her reasons out..

Share with me please..what you...

As for now my planned engagement hantaran will be

  1. Sireh Junjung
  2. Cincin
  3. Kain Baju Melayu for nikah with butang Baju Melayu
  4. Kain sampin for nikah
  5. Manisan ( Cake/ Chocs )
  6. Grooming Products ( tentative )
  7. Fruits ( tentative )

My Planned Nikah Hantaran *note its a working progress
  1. Sireh Junjung
  2. Manisan
  3. Wallet & Belt
  4. Kemeja & Cuff Links
  5. Sejadah
  6. Watch
  7. Shoes
  8. Baju Melayu & Butang Baju Melayu (Qaem's wishes)
  9. Perfume & Bodycare

So thats all a plan...Mum said last night...You better by one item at least each month...So that tak terasa sgt rather then buying em all together nearing the occasion.

Hope you guys share what you know k?

Love Z


  1. hi..i ada terbaca pasal artikel hantaran Quran nih. The reason adelah alQuran nih adalah kitab suci yg tujuannye untuk dibace bukan untk di pamer or tayang2. Maksudnye bile kite jadikan die hantaran kite akan deco2 die n of course akan pilih yg cantik salut dgn emas wat so ever. so kat situh dah menimbulkan rase riak nnt. one more thing mase kite hias2 tuh dikhuatiri kite xjage die punye kesucian. kite perlu ade air sembahyang kalu nak pegang. ye kite bukan sedar mungkin air sembahyang kite dah batal. last but not least, risau kalau kite beli quran dengan niat baik. tapi akhirnye kite xbace pon. just simpan kat dalam almari atau hanye jadi buku pameran kat one of our almari..dah xdapat pahala n manfaat..so itule ape yg bleh saya share kan. Wallahuallam..

  2. al-Qur'an as a hantaran..to me..im looking at the +ve side..beautiful Al-Qur'an + with terjemahan..kalau di jadikan hantaran kpd sy : I would say yes! simboliknya I fikir suami kita bg Qur'an tuh dgn harapan nak kita baca Qur'an nih hari2 serta mendalaminya & jadikan segala isi dlm al-Qur'an tuh sbg rujukan/dictionary + panduan hidup kami suami isteri..Insya'Allah..just my 5.12 cent.

    btw I suka set al-Qur'an kat Semua House..cantik2!RM130-150 (Al-Qur'an with terjemahan + 2+1 rehal&box) :)

  3. oh i need advise on this too, cos mil planning to give me one too, but my cousin sister who just got married advise me not to do it, same as yassin as favor, cos apparently u need to bring the hantaran from fiance's house, then naik kereta, then ntah siapa2 pegang with no air sembahyang, then masa letak among hantaran tu kene careful, so many things to take care, if possible i would like to have it exchange personally, not to be put in hantaran, but i think mil will definietly put it on hantaran so i have no words to say anything..

  4. Salam sis,

    I'm one of your silent reader :) Anyway, I just thought hmm, there's no harm kot if you wanna exchange our Holy Quran as hantaran. Quran with terjemahan lagi bagus. Of course kena jaga elok-elok right. In fact, mcm mana kita jaga our rings that day, mcm tu jugak la kita jaga kitab ni, not only during thr majlis but for the rest of our lives. Some ppl think it's not good sbb takut riak, but then look back at other hantaran items.. handbag ada jenama sikit pun dh boleh je org ckp kita nak riak right? Plus, takde alasan utk at least try utk handle the Holy Book with utmost care, tak kira la utk apa acara sekalipun :) Tak susah pun rasanya, balutlah dengan kain and simpan dalam dashboard kereta if you're travelling. Kalau takut org lain pegang, then pegang je sendiri dlm keadaan berbalut :) Lagi terjaga right? If takut sgt menimbulkan riak, might as well no hantaran exchange in public at all. Benda tu adat je pun, takde dlm hukum kena tayang all these gifts. Manis lagi kalau tukar gifts in private kan? I think is this why dlm Islam takde pun suruh bg hantaran for weddings.

    p.s. Another random thought. Exchange a small piece of white cloth as kain kafan, selit sekali dengan kain pasang/telekung (sbb kita tatau badan kita cemana lg 10-50 thn, so a small piece would do just to symbolize it). If we can have kain pasang for pakaian duniawi, telekung for solat, then why the heck not kain kapan for persediaan mati? Afterall, lovers promises are usually "i love you till the day I die".. cinta sampai mati la kononnya. I don't think we should look at it as a curse (like aku doakan kau mati cpt etc) or anything bad, because personally I think it's kinda sweet. But then again, it's a personal choice :) Take care sis, and all d best for your preparations.

  5. huish byk info jugak nih. btw mmg sy pun cadangnya nak letak quran as hantaran. but cancel and ganti dengan telekung je.

    but during my engagement aritu, i use the tafsir al-quran for the hantaran.

  6. i have to agree with our sister by saying its better to not make the holy Quran as part our our hantaran. Not just on handling it, is important, but putting our Quran the same level as our shoes is very very disrespecfull..one is for us to pijak and the other One is words of Allah SWT..I strongly suggest if any parents insist, go with a tafsir..or hadith books...

    InshaAllah if you and Qaem and all of us, read and understand the Quran and of course the most important is to practise what is mentioned in the Quran and the teachings of Rasulullah SAW, Allah SWT promise to give berkat to our marriage and life..inshaAllah...

    sometimes when its adat its dangerous to combine it with Religion...I feel, that if Rasulullah SAW the most Holy of all Human kind didnt exchange Quran during his nikah, we all pun no need to do it...Reading ayat Quran as mas kahwin..def a yes..

    Berkat in a marriage was promised by Allah swt, if we nikah according to the Quran and Sunnah and if we strive to strengthen our Iman everyday of ourlives..

    May Allah SWT makes all of us amongst those with Iman..Ameen...

  7. Alhamdulillah sisters....

    I am so lucky to have you all to share your thoughts here with me..

    I apologize for not responding earlier..at the moment... work has taken the best of my time..which is not to my jurisdiction.

    umm as of now, for Qaem and I think its best to exchange them personally, our holy Quran.. it would be just as special..

    the tafsir is a good idea..but I actually dont want to give too much hantarans..better quantity then quality.

    thanks again sweethearts


    eloklah ni...si author pon dah pening!